cropped-temphmglogo40.pngHungry Moose Games is a video games consultancy helping companies to reach their true potential. We can operate as outside consultant or inside marketing team as you put together plans and head towards execution.

  1. Nephew is starting college in the fall for game programing.. still a growing field? Good Luck with your new venture. I know it will be good..

    • still growing, especially in the mobile field, wish him luck!

  2. ced said:

    hows your company? how many downloads you guys got so far?im currently studying app development and looking for a part time job I think it would be the right time to look, because i can apply what i learn from school, and also at the same time i can experience a real time hands-on.

  3. Sally said:

    Please change your phone number it’s confusing and ravine medical clinic has the same one

  4. when i called,your number is allotted to ravine medical clinic. can you please update your new numner.

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