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I am so happy we have announced our deal with Green Throttle and at last we can talk about our first IP. 9 Lives is not my first original IP but the first I have have had such a major influence over, and I must say the process has been a little daunting. From the first time Tony Lynch and I talked about the progression mechanic of sacrifice to where we are today is a relatively short journey, but in the timing of Hungry Mouse Games, we are now a studio of 7 people, full of pee and vinegar, and with an IP that we are all proud of. Sure, we have a long way to go, but we are all excited about the prospects of where this IP can take us as a studio.

Bad Casey

Casey smashes the idol, and shit breaks loose!

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 8.58.22 AMWhy Green Throttle? When Dups and I were first developing GamrRank and Dups ran into Charles Huang at E3, 2012, and discussed Charles’ new hardware project that was looking to change the face of games, I originally wasn’t that excited. I saw just another blue tooth controller that was going to struggle to get shelf space at retail, even though it was being lead by one of the industry’s legends!

I then woke up at 2am the next morning and started ranting at my long suffering partner about how cool this could potentially be with a great community back end and games from great developers, all of a sudden I saw it as an opportunity to be part of a change of the face of games. It was, in my mind, a natural progression. A progression from playing games on the bus, to wanting to play those same games on my TV when I got home and continue my adventure.

Our tag line is to make “games for the mobile console generation”, the console that sits in most of our pockets every day, and can easily connect to an HD TV and give immersive gaming experiences.

9 Lives is our first Internally developed IP at Hungry Moose Games, in partnership with Green Throttle.  9 Lives: Casey & Sphynx introduces death as a progression mechanic. Not only is death acceptable in 9 Lives, but it is sometimes the only way to get to the end of the level. Inspired by a local Gamejam winner, Life Goes On, 9 Lives takes a fresh look at death in games. Why does death necessarily need to be bad? Could there be more to the after life?

Playing Battle Block Theatre with my son over the weekend, sometimes death was an acceptable out, for being left behind or screwing up. In 9 Lives, sacrificing yourself will be a way to solve and progress through a puzzle like no other game has commercially done before. (Well maybe Lemmings….)

Green Throttle’s Atlas controller has been a dream to work with. Linking easily into Unity, we have developed the prototype and subsequent milestones with little hassle. Co-op gameplay between Android smartphone and Atlas controller have come together easily, allowing us to handover between touch controls and analog controls seamlessly. We are excited to show off the game to anyone who is interested in developing for Green Throttle in the future.

Our deal with Green Throttle is not currently exclusive, and we are open to discussions with other hardware manufacturers to extend the franchise beyond the Android platform, but our major focus right now is to smack 9 Lives out of the park and make it a must have title for Android.