Monthly Archives: May 2013

It is 2:30am, I wake up in a cold sweat, with a tear in my eye, the games industry is dead and the most fun my 8 year old son and I will have in winter, with -35 temperatures, is kicking a soccer ball back and forth in the basement populated by girl’s dress ups.

You see, my dream was driven by all the discussions and negative thoughts around what is happening with the games industry. Free to Play and traditional game developers going under, EA killing off studios by the dozen, well not that bad but….RIP my friends :(.

Have we started a studio at the worst time in games history……shit!! What are we doing?

At Hungry Moose Games we really want to build games that are fun, high quality, for small budgets (in comparison to our AAA past) and make them quickly. In a similar way to modern software development practises where an MVP is quickly launched, at a quality level for a target market and platform. Testing the idea with real live people and then killing it or iterating on as many platforms as possible, without breaking the bank.

The emergence of Green Throttle, Moga, Ouya, NVidia Shield, the potential Steam box, Apple’s potential joypad et al. says to us the space is heating up and they are all going to need content, quality experiences that work for the TV and other devices that are light weight enough to be played on a tablet or similar operating system, with or without internet connection. The sweet spot is now and we are chasing it.

We believe we can build quality games for new and existing IP’s and platforms, and with today’s publishing environment, test gaming ideas quickly in the wild getting feedback from the intended target market, not a test on a flash based PC but on the new platform. When they stick we will double down, if they don’t we will review and some may not make it beyond that first iteration. If I learnt anything from Empire Avenue, we were able to move mountains in days due to the team’s ability to iterate quickly.

The Hungry Moose Games team are awesome! Senior and new talent, quickly getting their hands dirty and having fun, doing what they love doing, riffing on game design and making it happen. Sure they would probably be earning triple the money in big developers or other jobs, but they all have input into the larger game design and the company’s future.

Like any modern start-up we are testing a hypothesis, who knows if it will work but with savvy partners like Green Throttle, Amazon and the other platform holders we are going to give it a red hot go!