It’s the Casey and Sphynx Show! – Cookie Everman

When we thought about writers for this project we couldn’t go further than a great friend of ours Cookie Everman. today Cookie fills us in on her thoughts on Casey and Sphynx.

It’s the Casey and Sphynx Show!

CaseyandSphinxMany writers will tell you that their characters talk to them and direct the course of the story they are writing; that was certainly true for me. When I first met Casey and Sphynx five months ago, they were just your average bumbling security guard and sassy stray cat. All I knew was that they had both fallen under an ancient Egyptian curse and had to work together to find the pieces of a broken idol and break the curse. As I began to write their story and dialogue, they each began talking to me in their own unique voices, telling me how their story was going to unfold.


Casey is to Sphynx as Homer is to Bart. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he generally has good intentions. Casey’s life hasn’t gone exactly the way he had anticipated, and he relies on the women in his life, like his Granny, to give him direction. So when he meets Sphynx, she bosses him around straightaway and he doesn’t hesitate to follow her lead. A lot of his dialogue centers around him not wanting to disappoint Sphynx by messing up their mission.

Sphynx was getting bored with being immortal and Casey’s accidental theft of her nine lives is an exciting and exasperating change of pace. This feisty feline has been around for centuries, she’s super smart, and her caustic wit cannot be denied. Many of her sharpest barbs are directed at Casey, especially when she is frustrated that he has lost another life trying to solve a puzzle, but I tried to make sure that she didn’t cross the line from sassy to mean.

As you play “9 Lives: Casey and Sphynx”, I hope these characters speak to you in their own way.

Enjoy the Casey and Sphynx show!


Cookie Everman is an accomplished writer and mom from the sunny climes of California with roots in Hawaii, and now residing in Seattle. We are lucky enough to know Cookie from our days at BioWare where Cookie brought characters to life in ways only gamers understand. It is official that Cookie is awesome and therefore receives the Horace nod of the antler as a cool human being.

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