9 Lives: Casey and Sphynx – Controls

ControlTutorial_AtlasAs we get close to launch we wanted to touch briefly on controls for the game. We have partnered with our friends at Green Throttle and the game runs really well using the Green Throttle controller in both single and co-op player modes. We really think we have done a great job of showing how fantastically well the Green Throttle (GT) controller works in a co-op situation, kicking back on the couch with friends.

We are also aiming to have Ouya, Gamepop, GameStick and other Android “unconsole” builds shortly after launch for those who have them.

We also spent a lot of time working with touch controls and debating how best to have a game experience that was fun for those who did not have a GT or uncosole at home. We did trial total touch gameplay where, similar to old school RPG’s, pointing and clicking on a mouse equated to touching the direction you wanted the characters to go, but it just didn’t feel right.


So we are launching with a touch experience, which for the old school gamers amongst us, it plays like an old school DS game on the tablet/phone. We believe this is great as it encourages a mobile gameplay experience while on the move and then if you have an “unconsole” being able to play your game when you get home  or by plugging in your mobile device to your TV via cable.

9 Lives is getting close and will be available on Google Play and Amazon stores soon.

Team HMG

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