9 Lives: Casey and Sphynx – Casey


When building out the original IP, 9 Lives, we started developing characters that we felt would be cool for people to play. Originally Casey was a small boy who hid out in the museum and smashed the idol of Bastet thus getting 9 Lives from Sphynx. But upon further thought and discussion with friends the thought of putting a small boy to death was a little daunting, so Casey the security guard was born.

The original artwork for Casey, was put together by a good friend of ours, Mike Grills. Mike had also worked at BioWare with some of our crew and personally I knew Mike from working with him at Empire Avenue. Mike’s style and speed are awesome and with a brief on the basic story and a bit of Mike magic, Casey took his first illustrated steps.


While the look and feel of Casey did not really change from those initial illustrations, the man who brought him to life, in game, was Christopher Mann. Chris has been in the game industry for over 12 years working at BioWare and Gameloft to name a couple. An early Casey can be seen below coming to life and celebrating a small victory.

In parallel Casey needed some background love and some awesome writing so we leaned on our friend and ex Bioware collaborator Cookie Everman, who gave the characters back stories and started bringing out their character with conversations. See Cookie’s blog for more info on how they came to life.

The way we portray personality and story telling in game is through still sequences and banter in game. Coming off of a tiny budget all banter is written text and we hope to be able to add VO to the game over time, but part of us says leave it to the player’s imagination as to how the characters are portrayed.


We really hope you enjoy playing Casey in the game.

Team HMG

Casey’s profile below:

Casey the lovable bumbling security guard, he always means well, has a good heart but nothing seems to go right until he gets his 9 Lives
Every time he dies you feel for him…but also chuckle under your breath
Age: Old enough to know better
Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 300lb, on a good day

American Football
Smashing anything with a baton or crow bar

Poisoned water

Eating burritos and spilling more sauce than was thought humanly possible, on himself
Inherited 9 lives from Sphynx giving him the ability to sacrifice himself to progress through obstacles that no other human being can
Examples are traversing spike ridden pits, Human torch, floating platforms
Smashing burrito wrapped zombies
Jumping tall buildings….with the help of waterspouts
Inducing light based confusion, whatever that means

  1. Jason Wagner said:

    What a fascinating breakdown!

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