9 Lives: Casey and Sphynx – Sphynx

Where do you start with a sassy cat named Sphynx, spritely but old as time? Sphynx popped out of Mike Grills’ head, purple and full of attitude form the start, what chance did we have?

A purple cat? Was my first reaction when i saw her for the first time, but it worked straight away. CaseyandSphinx1.5 foot high with an attitude to match, Sphynx leads Casey by the nose through a labyrinth of mazes and puzzles, holding his hand at times but carried along for the ride in others. Like any cat she hates water but is smart enough to be carried by Casey when she needs to be.  The profile below really drove a lot of how we see Sphynx today in game, we know you will enjoy Sphynx in 9 Lives.

Age: A lady never tells her age, nor does a dam
Height: 1ft 6 inches
Length: 4ft
Weight: Hiss!
Breed: Egyptian Blue
Sarcastic, sassy and bossy but ultimately good-hearted

Her 9 Lives
Favorite Place
Bastet’s tomb until someone wrecked it, now any fireplace that will take her

Cat pee
Grumpy Cat

Ability to find just the right thing to say at the wrong time
Jump to higher places
Climbing on walls and ceilings
Dig to discover hidden items
Carry small items
Kill small enemies
Ride on Casey’s head
Smashing boxes and china

Her abilities in game balance our big lug as she navigates small entries and climbs walls well enough to collect numerous jewels throughout the game. Her pet peeves of nasty scarab beetles on fire are worth watching out for.


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