9 Lives: Casey and Sphynx – Music

The second in our two part series on the sounds in 9 Lives is about the music. Once again a BioWare veteran has gone out on his own to create a new company that is focusing on what they love to do in the game industry, music.

Music has been the passion of these guys since seemingly the beginning of gaming time. Steve Sim (BioWare veteran/legend) and his new partner in crime Mauricio Duarte started Logixound Studios, Lunenburg, Canada and have already done some pretty snazzy work with…well some games that we aren’t allowed to menton due to contractual shenanigans, so when we got the chance to work with them we were over the moon. RW

Hey guys, Steve Sim here.

What a fun project this was to work on!  I love Adventure games so I saw this as a great opportunity to do something a bit different for the music, yet keep it all thematic to the feel of the game.  We love beat and groove driven music here and Mauricio is a great scratch DJ / Turntablist, so we thought we’d funk things up a bit with the music, but we also take you to some dark places with the soundtrack, you are playing a dead character in the game after all!

We hope you enjoy it, it’s been  blast to work with some of the old BioWare gang.  Dave Chan, the Sound Effect whiz, was the guy who hired me at BioWare way back in 2003!  It’s kinda like getting the old band back together.  Cheers, Steve and Mauricio www.logixound-studios.com

Here’s a couple tunes …



Cheers, Steve

LoadingScreenWe are so happy to announce the release of the game soundtrack to give you an idea of what the in game themes will be like. The soundtrack has 8 tunes all thematic to the levels in the game but specially recorded for the album by the dynamic duo themselves.

As both Hungry Moose Games and Logixound are start-ups we would love for you to get a legit copy or listen through one of our partners through one of these links:

Amazon – coming soon
Google Play – coming soon
iTunes – coming soon

If you are up for a genuine LP let us know as we are looking to do a limited run should there be enough demand. The guys at Logixound are pretty hard core DJ’s in their own right so they know their stuff!

A reminder the game will be live on Android type stores tomorrow July 24th.

Team Hungry Moose

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